In our 27 year long business experience, Jadrija has gained the status of the renowned provider of services in the field of mobile computing technologies. The size of our „micro“ company is exceeded by an impressive list of references with the leaders in their fields on the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. They have the best understanding for the need of developing mobile computing technologies and the possible benefits from its use.

Reference list of users:

  1. Adista d.d., Rovinj (HR)
  2. Ad Plastik d.d., Solin (HR)
  3. Autotrans d.o.o., Rijeka (HR)
  4. Bijelić d.o.o., Osijek (HR)
  5. Bjelovarsko-bilogorska županija, Bjelovar (HR)
  6. Cromaris d.d., Zadar (HR)
  7. DUZS, Zagreb (HR)
  8. Dukat d.d., Zagreb (HR)
  9. Farmacia, Zagreb (HR)
  10. FINA, Zagreb (HR)
  11. Hrvatski duhani d.d., Virovitica (HR)
  12. Hrvatsko Narodno Kazalište, Zagreb (HR)
  13. Javna vatrogasna postrojba Zagreba (HR)
  14. Karlovačka županija, Karlovac (HR)
  15. Kaufland HR k.d., Zagreb (HR)
  16. KIKO d.o.o., Pregrada (HR)
  17. Kovis d.o.o., Bačka Palanka (SRB)
  18. Kovis d.o.o., Brežice (SLO)
  19. Lactalis BH, (BIH)
  20. Lactalis MK, (MKD)
  21. LIDL HR d.o.o., Zagreb (HR)
  22. Lipovica d.o.o., Popovača (HR)
  23. Ljekarne Lukačin, Zagreb (HR)
  24. Ljekarne Pavlić, Sisak (HR)
  25. MUP RH, Zagreb (HR)
  26. Orbico d.o.o., BiH
  27. Overseas Express, Zagreb (HR)
  28. PIK Vrbovec d.d., Vrbovec (HR)
  29. Primorsko-goranska županija, Rijeka (HR)
  30. Schachermayer d.o.o., Zagreb (HR)
  31. Siona d.o.o., Zagreb (HR)
  32. Somboled d.o.o. (SRB)
  33. TDR d.o.o., Sarajevo (BIH)
  34. Troha-Dil d.o.o., Zagreb (HR)
  35. Tvornica čarapa Jadran d.d., Zagreb (HR)
  36. Varaždinska županija, Varaždin (HR)

Most references that we have are regarding solutions for mobile sale. In total, 19 mobile sales systems with programming and communicating support on different platforms (DOS, WIN CE, Pocket PC, Windows mobile 2003/2005) has been installed. At the time of writing this (March 2017), in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, systems that we implemented are being used:

  • More than 1300 handheld terminals and 1100 mobile printers in delivery vehicles
  • More than 600 handheld terminals at salesmen – commercialists
  • More than 100 handheld terminals for workers in warehouses
  • More than 100 sets of communication equipment in warehouses and distribution centers
  • More than 100 industrial bar-code printers with production lines
  • Solutions with applicators for automatic label sticking