BackOffice desktop application for supporting processes that are not supported in the business application user systems

JOfficeWeb is an BackOffice web application that adds functionality that are often not supported in the user's business systems (ERP systems). The system is based on MS.NET. The database is MS SQL Server Express, which does not require user to pay for the license. The system also has the possibility of implementation on the MS SQL Server.

The basic functionalities of the application are:

  • Routes are basis for filtering delivery places allocated to the passenger in the business system (ERP). The basis for creating are all delivery sites that JOffice has at its disposal. The database is maintained by the night-time synchronisation or synchronisation on request. The application supports creating, maintenance, activation and deactivation of routes and their allocation to the passenger. It is possible to copy a route from passengers to passenger.
  • Questionnaires are a tool for creating the questionnaires transmitted to devices and are used for taking polls, market control, competition monitoring, sales improvement, POS materials records or CRM activities. The system enables creating, maintenance, and assigning of the questionnaires to a group of passengers, one passenger or branch which delivery location belongs to, the region to which the user belongs or a delivery place. All of the data that serve as a base to assign the questionnaire are synchronised from the business system. Questionnaires have a default expiration date. In addition to creating, questionnaires also have a preview. Processing of results has the ability to filter by period, customer, delivery location, date, user, questionnaire, question or response. Results review provides statistics MAX, SUM or AVG, as well as the „pie-chart“ graphic. The results can be transferred into Microsoft Excel, print or sent to e-mail by copy-paste method.
  • Messages are system of sending messages on handheld computers of the JadrIS system. They are created at the headquarters and the devices are downloading them first by merging (send or receive data). The messages are clearly visible and easily accessible. They can be assigned to the passenger, the group of passengers, partner or his delivery location. Messages assigned to a partner or delivery location are displayed when a passenger access them and can contain information about actions, bans, and tasks on the selected delivery place.

The system is not used for the maintenance of the redundant data, which is already maintained on the user's business system. On that system, only data that serves its primary function is maintained. Synchronization with the central system ensures that basic data is maintained only in the central system, and information that is created in the JOfficeWeb are maintained only in it.

JOfficeWeb is an application that holds on to a JadrIS's system of mobile sales, presales and marketing, and JadrisWebService central communications component serves as an integrational module. JadrisWebService knows which location requires to read which information and to which location results should be eturned (more tunnels to the data that is processed in the JadrIS application).