The program for the inventorying of the commercial goods in warehouses and shops, as well as for a list of basic products

JInvent is a program for inventorying commercial goods in warehouses and stores, as well as for a list of basic products. The program is designed to use on handheld computers with built-in barcode readers. The basic working principle is identification of an item or basic product by loading bar-code and entering the data regarding quantitiy or location afterwards. The entered data is imported to the new ASCII file that is sent to a PC after the work is finished.

The program can also work with previously loaded inventory basis so that bar-codes are verified and additional data is sent to user's screen: name of the product, price and implied total quantity. Depending on the demand, solution can be expanded by using thermal printer to produce barcode labels.

Apart from identification and data entry, the program also includes procedures of adjustments and control of the work, as well as the support to the communication between a handheld computer and a PC. Support includes event registration as well as dana management verification and archiving. Intermec (now: Honeywell) offers various models of handheld computers with a built-in barcode reader in a variety of designs , ranging from the office lightweight to robust industrial. Of course, the program will function using the equipment of other manufacturers on the PocketPC Platform as well.