The server component of the system of mobile sales
for the Android system

JadrISWebService is a web service which provides the communication and transmission of data between a central database and a database on handheld computers.

JadrISWebService does not have its own database, but rather uses a central database or a special base of backoffice-a (Joffice)synchronized with it. Usually, it is installed on one central location and it provides access to the devices. Data in the exchange are compressed by a special algorithm which reduces transmission time and clears the network.

The exchange itself is performed on a level of request and response via web service that accesses further in the customer base; Oracle, SAP, DB2, Access, SQL ...  A system of automatic distribution of new versions of application for Android devices is built in the program, along with the back-up procedures for exchanged data. Also, oversight function is included, as well as functions for protecting and archiving data on the performance of the program.