The client-side component of the mobile sales system for Windows Mobile devices

JadrIS is an application designed to support sales staff in the field to carry out all kinds of commercial field activities. It is developed in c #.NET, it uses the SQLServerCE base and can be installed on MS Win compatible handheld computers, WIN Mobile 2003/05 Pocket PC. In some uses portable printers for printing sales documents and reports are also used. The functionality of the application is always adjusted to the needs of the users so that every user gets JadrIs adapted just for them.

In addition to the standard jobs in sales, ordering, delivery and return of goods by the customer, JadrIS can also be used for:

  • checking the status of the stock
  • promotional materials inventory status
  • sales improvment
  • statistical processing
  • daily reports
  • polls
  • service
  • and generally collecting any information from the field

JadrIs is a tool that will help in the sales supervision and management. The sales cycle begins by importing prepared sales data in customers, goods and terms of sale to a handheld computer. The dealer visits customers and creates orders, invoices, shipments, and filles out the questionnaires. At the end of the day all of the collected is transmitted via the LAN or WLAN to the server. It is also possible to use the GPRS to transfer data directly from the field during the tour.

The most important advantages of this mode of operation, compared to the traditional work with a pen and paper, are primarily lower costs and fewer errors in data entry, saving on postage and quicker payment, higher efficiency of business operations and timely informing (daily updating of total sales data and direct verification of inventory when creating orders in the field).